Degen Crypto Club


The Degen Crypto Club was built to grow and develop similarly to Cardano. We have never overpromised, and our mission has always been to over-deliver. In 2022 we will grow and transition governance to the community.
We will primarily look to support our own community members who are developing new CNFT projects, dapps, Degen Crypto Club derivatives, and more.
Did you notice the cover image for this page? The Degenette pictured here is our early sketch and has been created in Mattias style to suit our overall brand aesthetic. The final Degenettes will differ from this image.
This art has been perfectly designed to fit as a Twitter cover photo (although it is currently scaled to your resolution) and will be available to mint alongside two other cover photos. This will be a collector's item, will not carry any rarity, and will be available for 15 ADA.