Degen Crypto Club


What is the Degen Crypto Club?

Cardano NFT Collection

A collection of generative NFTs hosted on the Cardano blockchain created as 2D & 3D variants and distributed via a minting process and free airdrops to holders. As the Cardano blockchain continues to innovate, we will continue to contribute. Degen Crypto Club token coming soon.

Rights as a Degen Crypto Club holder

You are recognized as a holder and a member of the Degen Crypto Club community if you hold at least one 2D, 3D, or Seasonal (airdropped) Degen Crypto Club CNFTs and are entitled to the following rights:
  • Contribute to the decisions made at the Degen Crypto Club via the voting system.
  • Propose how the Degen Treasury funds are used.
  • The ability to stake your Degen Crypto Club CNFT to generate our own native token hosted on the Cardano blockchain. (coming soon)
  • Use your Degen Crypto Club CNFT as your personal or commercial brand in order to generate revenue. You have full commercial rights with no limits.
  • Leave the Degen Crypto Club community by selling your CNFT on the secondary market

Join the club

It's never too late to join the Degen Crypto Club. We are verified on all known CNFT marketplaces but remember to shop safe and double check the Policy ID.​
Last modified 1yr ago