Degen Crypto Club

The Team

Degen Crypto Club Team Members
Jaq (Founder)
Jaq founded, developed, and sold a LinkTree competitor aimed at the gaming and streaming industry before creating the Degen Crypto Club due to a 10-year passion for crypto. The Degen Crypto Club was launched to bring a community together that had previously been divided by differing opinions and shady practices within the NFT world. He aimed to give value by offering a reasonably priced CNFT collection alongside community membership that would expand with the Cardano blockchain.
Fleur (2D Artist)
Fleur is the core artist behind the Original (OG) Collection and airdropped Degen Crypto Club CNFTs. She turned her artistic dream into reality after leaving school at a young age and working in an unfulfilling career. Expert in all things Procreate (design software) and thick line illustration.
Mattia (3D Artist)
Mattia has been a 3D enthusiast for 11 years and is always looking to step outside his comfort zone. Degen Crypto Club helped him do just that as a core artist for the 3Degen collection. Mattia can also turn his hand to 2D art as our cover photo collection designer. Imo / Degen Pachink0 (Community Moderator)
Imo joined the Cardano NFT community in August. After learning many lessons early on from unsuccessful mints, he found his flow and quickly became a trusted member of the CNFT community. This trust has been displayed while being an escrow for over 5 figures in ADA during his time at the Degen Crypto Club.
Nyx / NyxOfSpades (Community Moderator)
Nyx followed good friend Imo into the Cardano NFT space, and ever since, he has enjoyed the adventure and the community. When he's not moderating he likes to tell everyone how he started with 66 ADA and now owns a substantial Cardano NFT portfolio.