Degen Crypto Club


The heart of Degen Crypto Club


With many ups and downs in the crypto and NFT world, it can be hard to forget that it's still possible to have fun. Share a joke, laugh, enjoy yourself.


We want to consistently support and encourage growth both within the Cardano and NFT community but also in the wider world. Our mental and physical health channels are filled with experts within these fields and our community who are always ready to offer guidance.


As both a brand and a real human team with compassion for others, we are always looking to be inclusive of others and welcome everyone into the community we have created.
While we worked as a team to develop our original (OG) collection, we realized it was a challenge to create a real human-looking character for PFP usage, which was non-gendered, and we opted for a masculine approach. Huge credit is due to the many projects who have made this work. At the time, we didn't imagine that we would grow into one of the most supportive communities within the NFT space. A real-life degen is often depicted as a male character for right or wrong reasons. One thing that we didn't cater for was that the community would like a Degen Crypto Club PFP that looked similar to their real-life image (male, female and non-gendered). Our first step in resolving this issue is for all valentines day airdrops to have a new base and new traits focusing on a more feminine style.